Management Studies

The principal intellectual objectives for the course are

To present an academic perspective on information technology that addresses the key principles relating to the theory of algorithms, computer programming, hardware design, software engineering and human factors. To give students the foundation that is needed to communicate effectively with computer users from a variety of different backgrounds, such as other scientists, engineers, designers and business personnel.

3 good reasons to study IT at Arunai

A student-friendly supportive teaching environment which concentrates on the technical aspects of computing and advanced programming. Great opportunities for a year-long, paid industrial experience; National board accreditated course which will enable you to become a modern computer scientist with skills that are needed in industry right now.


The aim of the curriculum is both to prepare students for current commercial practice, and to encourage the critical and creative engagement with computing and its applications that can provide the basis for a long-term career.

Professional aspects of computing are also an obligatory component of the course, and importance is attached to promoting awareness of the rigorous standards and high degree of responsibility demanded of specialists in information-based technologies.

Fundamental concepts to support the rigorous development of programs and methods for reasoning about their behaviour.

Theoretical foundations for describing the syntax and formal semantics of programming languages, and for understanding modern developments in programming language design and use. An introduction to the principles of software development, the practice and theory of databases, and the theory and practice of computer interfaces. A detailed study of computer and system architecture.


S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr.G.Nagarajan Professor MBA, M.Phil., Ph.D.
2 Mrs.K.Karthika Assistant Professor BCA.,MBA
3 Mrs.S.Deepika Assistant Professor B.E., M.B.A
4 Ms.M.Priyadrshini Assistant Professor B.E., M.B.A

Association Activities

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Student Achievements

S.No Batch Register No. Student Name CGPA Univ.Rank
1 2010-2012 50810631033 Ms.Pritha 8.7 5